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Good selection of used electronics

Item Location: Redding, CA
Preview Date/Time: August 12, 2022 4PM
Pickup Date/Time: August 14, 2022 4PM
Starts: 7/18/2022 5:00 AM
Auctions Begin to End At: 10/22/2022 7:00 PM
Last Auction Ends At: 10/22/2022 7:10 PM

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https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0833-789222B4-0_thumbnail.jpg https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0853-08E47E17-0_thumbnail.jpg https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0849-250DFCE2-0_thumbnail.jpg https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0861-9B246DD1-0_thumbnail.jpg https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0837-259AD567-0_thumbnail.jpg https://xpert.b-cdn.net/grasonsauctions/2875/480521173-2875/IMG_0841-0EC57D82-0_thumbnail.jpg

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Sample auction group description. This is where I would enter information about the auction estate sale.

Item Location: 123 Star Drive
Preview Date/Time: Friday 2PM
Pickup Date/Time: Saturday 9AM
Starts: 6/19/2022 6:00 AM
Auctions Begin to End At: 9/23/2022 8:00 PM
Last Auction Ends At: 9/23/2022 8:50 PM

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